Books and you

  • “ I now run my own successful Plumbing & Heating Business, RT Plumbing & Heating, which turned over in excess of £75,000. ”

    Rob Thorne
  • “ I never take home less than £1,200 per week ”

    Mark Allison
  • “ Although my wages were low to start with, I now earn £30,000-35,000 a year with a van provided too. ”

    Gareth Allen
  • “ Hoping to clear £20,000 from my business in its first year, I actually managed to clear £30,000 and I was delighted! ”

    Carl Thompson
  • “ I still work as a Nurse, but do a couple of days a week as a plumber. I am earning an extra £800 a month on top of my nursing salary. ”

    Julie Naylor
  • “ I was tired of my double glazing job and when I found out about the shortage of plumbers in the UK I decided it was time for a change. ”

    Paul Chipps
  • “ I had no previous plumbing experience but thought I would give it a go. ”

    Andrew Angus
  • “ I was having major refurbishment work done on my house, and found out that the plumbing work would cost me six to ten thousand pounds, so I got thinking and realized that if I was to spend six thousand pounds on the course I could do the work myself. ”

    Stuart Barrow
  • “ I was fed up with my job as a Bakery Manager, getting up before the larks. I wanted to find a better way to bring in the dough and be my own boss, so I decided to retrain as a plumber. ”

    Martin Venner
  • “ Thanks to my training [manuals] I was able to set myself up as a self-employed plumber and now I am sub-contracting for a local firm. ”

    Byron Thwaites
  • “ I started working since an early age and I have been doing a variety of jobs. In some jobs you have to work more, but you don't get paid what you deserve. So, I thought I'd get a career for myself and do something I enjoy doing. ”

    Alexander Gyoni
  • “ I have always wanted to take up a trade but when I was younger it wasn't really available for females. Also, my dad is a plumber, so I headed into that direction too. ”

    Amanda Ross-Etheridge
  • “ In my opinion, The Train2Game course has been fantastic so far, ABSOLUTELY love the Unity book, itís got everything in it! ”

    Steven Herod
  • “ Train2Game have been a godsend. Courses of this type are very hard to find, As I work full time to support my family, I cannot afford to take three years out to get a bachelor's degree from a normal university and no other university in this country has a program where you can study 3D animation totally from home, in your own time and get a portfolio as well as a recognised qualification out of it. ”

    Sheldon Gilman
  • “ I am pleased with the course, mainly that for a QA tester to train at college they would need to study IT and software based courses and then move over to the gaming industry, whereas T2G specialize the course to the right area. ”

    Ben Randall
  • “ I like that I can study for this qualification around my work and lifestyle. ”

    Stephanie Bretherton
  • “ Train2game gives you a wide knowledge of the gaming world ”

    Bryan Coady
  • “ I think Train2game is a brilliant course! The teaching material is fantastic; guiding pupils through the games industry and of course their chosen focus area in the industry. T2G has enhanced my writing, pushed me to explore and understand, also showed me that almost any idea can be a success if it is executed correctly. ”

    Laurence Brown
  • “ Train2Game helped me take my first steps into the game industry. ”

    Adam Sheratt
  • “ Train2Game has shown me that I do in fact have the skills and that talking to potential employers is part of the learning process. ”

    Tabi Paulson
  • “ It's safe to say that undertaking the Games Designer course with Train2Game has been a fantastic turn of events for me. All in all Train2Game has and will continue to be a fantastic journey. ”

    Jake Dale
  • “ The course has been great with regards to encouraging me to gain more skills. ”

    Rena Farkas
  • “ Train2Game for me is a great way to finally get into an industry I've been passionate about since I first played pong on one of the second generation consoles ”

    Jay Evans
  • “ Train2Game has given me a solid foundation in video games design. I have now fulfilled a 20 year long dream, and released my first video game! I can say, without any doubt, if I had not found Train2game, this would not be a reality! ”

    Adam Clark
  • “ While on the QA course I got contacted by a major entertainment company inviting me for an Interview, they phoned back and confirmed I got the Job. ”

    Paul Atherton
  • “ Train2Game has given me so much knowledge that I didn't know about when it came to game designing. Without Train2Game I wouldn't be the Game/Level designer I am today. ”

    Sam Hawkins
  • “ Train2Game was the first big step towards my current place, I now work as a QA tester in a game development studio called: A-steroids. ”

    Mykolas Mankevicius
  • “ Train2Game gave me the tools I need to finally get me on the right path. ”

    Bruno Ribiero
  • “ Train2Game taught me academic fundamentals in games design such as the formal elements from which all games are built upon, in-depth breakdown into creative methods and development processes. Without Train2game's support, guidance and placement program which made it possible to acquire experience in the game industry, combined with my own dedication, perseverance and hard graft, I wouldn't be where I am today. ”

    Chris Robinson
  • “ I became a T2G student in March last year studying QA and level design, and began applying my knowledge gained three months later in around June. I received a call a few weeks later from Simon, Producer at Roll7 regarding my performance during the session test. He said he wondered whether I was interested in doing any more work for them and if so, could I join him for an interview. Definitely a great result. So I went down for an interview (two actually) to discuss their project, as well as my own current ”

    Samuel Brayley
  • “ To be perfectly honest Train2Game is a godsend. The university I attended before failed to train the artist to employable levels and restricting the artist capacity for growth with a cold and impassionate approach. It was devastating and exhaustive the thought my 7 year studying went to waste, dedicated myself in one specialised field to become a computer games artist. Train2Game is the only opportunity available for me to put myself back on the straight and narrow. I am so eternally grateful. I am particularly impressed with the curriculum been presented to me and excited to learn all the skills in computer game production concerning the artist role. Within a considerably early stage of my studies I already have been headhunted twice which I took one opportunity: A three month internship as a creature designer. This has taught me some fundamental, important mind sets on employ-ability which I'm applying to all of my work. ”

    James Hardman
  • “ Train2game has opened the doorway to a brighter future for me personally. ”

    Richard Clark
  • “ Train2Game has opened up a whole new and exciting career path for me for which I am very grateful. ”

    Daniel Boffey
  • “ Train2Game gave me everything I needed to further my career in the games industry, without them I would not be where I am today. ”

    Jon Esslemont
  • “ Train2Game has been a key part of my career. ”

    Ben Stoneman
  • “ Train 2 Game helped to pave the way to a job in the Game Industry. ”

    Robert Ramsey
  • “ Train2Game has really helped me and I still get excited about all the new things I learn no matter how small they are. ”

    Dudley Long
  • “ Without Train2Game I wouldn't have been doing my dream job today. ”

    Jonny Robinson
  • “ Firstly, I can say for sure that you wouldn't be reading this if it wasn't for Train2Game. I have Train2Game to thank for giving me the chance to succeed. ”

    Matt Dymond
  • “ When I began Train2Game it was just me in my room alone studying. The train2game course really allowed me this time that I needed and I was able to pick myself back up and carry on with the course when I was ready to. ”

    Wayne Campbell
  • “ Other courses that I looked into required grades I simply did not have or funds that were not available to me. Without Train2Game realising and helping me to develop my talent I do not know where I would be right now. ”

    Ben Cooper
  • “ With a lot of hard work, and sacrifice, I have finished my course and have been able to achieve things I would not have even dreamed possible just a few years ago. ”

    Craig Moore
  • “ Thanks to Train2Game I won a Windows competition for young developers. ”

    Nicola Valascara
  • “ Train2game has helped me towards my ultimate goal of a job in the games industry. ”

    Neil Gorman
  • “ Train2Game has been my key to unlocking the door to this industry, and without it, I would not have been able to pursue my goals. Since completing the course, I have set up a studio called Road Hog Games with other like-minded students, and am also working with two other studios on their individual projects. ”

    Gareth Brook
  • “ By completing the Train2Game Games Developer course I am now certified with an NVQ/City & Guilds at Level 7. ”

    Paul Rayment
  • “ Since joining the course I have improved exponentially in my 3d art skills through the industry placement program, every new project is a new challenge and keeps me up to date with the latest programs and processes. ”

    Amanda Blatch
  • “ Train2Game provided me with an opportunity for higher education that wouldn't have otherwise been available to me, with a course structure that suited my circumstance, and I'm extremely appreciative of that fact. ”

    Nick Walker
  • “ Train2game has been the most exciting change in my life so far. ”

    Phil Langdon
  • “ Train2Game is a great Roller coaster ride. ”

    Richard Hoffman
  • “ Train2Game has absolutely changed my life. Before T2G I was going from dead end job to dead end job with no direction or idea of what to do with myself. Train2Game has given me an amazing job that I am proud to tell people I do. ”

    Mark Kington
  • “ You cannot open a book without learning something ”

  • “ The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you ”

    B.B. King
  • “ Without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know more ”

  • “ I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book ”

    Groucho Marx
  • “ The Essence of Knowledge is, having it, to use it ”

  • “ Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers ”

    Harry S. Truman
  • “ Never tire to study. And to teach to others ”

  • “ There are many little ways to enlarge your child's world. Love of books is the best of all ”

    Jacqueline Kennedy
  • “ The book salesman should be honoured because he brings to our attention, as a rule, the very books we need most and neglect most ”